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How to Attend HRCC Conferences

New Members

What is HRCC?


HRCC is primarily an annual conference where HR Professionals from construction companies go to receive SHRM and continuing education on modern obstacles in the HR field.

HRCC is primarily geared towards the Industrial sector of construction with applications that also apply in the heavy commercial, marine, pipeline, solar etc sectors.

Will it be a fit for you?

The best way to gauge this is to view our upcoming or past agendas. This will give you a general idea as to what you can expect at the HRCC Conference. You can view the agenda HERE


How to Join


If you or your company has attended in recent years simply go to the registration forms and proceed from there. 

If your company has not attended HRCC before then you will need to fill out this questionnaire.



Please send questionnaire or general inquiries to

This will go to approval by the board.

Once approved you can proceed to register and pay.

You can view last years agenda to get an idea of the topics and types of speakers to expect.

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