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2023 HRCC

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The Human Resources Construction Council (HRCC) is an annual conference to share industry experiences and expertise with other HR related professionals, employed by US based merit shop contractors, who support the domestic construction industry. Over the years our membership has represented over 100+ companies. HRCC hosts an annual conference to share industry experiences and expertise. The primary focus is to enhance the quality of HR services and workforce efficiency in the industry. The annual meetings receive support from various vendors, agencies and law firms. Sponsors contribute financial assistance which is critical to maximize participation, content and networking.

HRCC History

The first HRCC meeting was held in Atlanta, Georgia in 1990. Representatives from six companies attended the inaugural session. Since then, the HRCC has met at least annually.


Target Audience

The target audience for membership is employees who have responsibility in the areas of Craft Compensation, Craft Training, Craft Employment, and HR Generalist. Human Resources employees from either project assigned or home office are encouraged to attend.


Member Benefits

  • Information and trends specific to the construction industry.

  • Real time statistics and projections to help members with project planning and staffing.

  • Industry specific human resources network allowing members to identify best practices through network resources.

  • Labor and employment outlook updates at the conference and throughout the year.

  • HRCI - Continuing Education Credits available for attendees. (SPHR - PHR - GPHR)



The venue, website and registration is organized and hosted by Industrial Projects Services Inc.


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Bill Burns




It is the mission of the HRCC to continually advance the knowledge, skills and abilities of all HRCC professionals and to enhance the quality of HR services and workforce efficiency in the industry.

This is accomplished through human resources training and networking opportunities.

These efforts will assure the continued improvement of the construction image, workforce and opportunity.

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