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HRCC Board Initiatives

This page is strictly for the board to have a central location of viewing current processes in place and current challenges HRCC faces.

Suggested Processes & Current Challenges:

  1. 30 minutes of Jeopardy & 30 minutes speed networking (Led by the chair/cochair?)

  2. 45-60 minute cap on speakers

  3. Adding a new unique speaker each year such as motivational speakers

  4. Lack of attendance projects: NCCER push, board outreach & more.

  5. ABC Chapter conference attendance led by Robert & Ivan

  6. More acknowledgment of each sponsor and what they do by the chair or co-chair 



Active Approved/Implemented Processes

  • Tampa anchor city every other year

  • Non-Sponsor Staffing companies limited to 2 attendees

  • No Non-Sponsor staffing company serice solicitation during conference hours

  • Conference start time 8am Wednesday & 9am Thursday

  • Limit of 1-2 type of sponsors/speakers(ie: no more lawyers) or any that could conflict with long term sponsors.


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