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Formed in 1999, Alpha Resources focuses on providing timely high quality craft compensation data to industrial contractors and plant owners. 


Through ongoing research, Alpha Resources accurately identifies competitive pay ranges, per diem payments and other monetary incentives for skilled industrial open shop craft workers in many regions of the United States.  Periodic research in the Gulf Coast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, West Coast and Rocky Mountain regions provides clients with a history of industrial craft compensation trends, as well as, current pay values.

Beyond the trends, the consultants offer insight into regional construction activity such as aggregate craft worker demand and competing projects which may influence compensation strategy during a project’s lifespan.  The consultants also apply their project human resource experience to site specific considerations such as recruiting and attracting travelers, availability of housing, industrial relations concerns, and community relations issues.


With over 50 years of combined industrial construction human resource experience, the consultants possess a unique skill set that provides clients with timely decision making tools related to their specific competitive craft compensation strategies.

Alpha Resources, LLC

P.O. Box 380693

Birmingham, AL 35238



Alpha Resources: Where Business Begins With People!

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