Information for HR Regarding COVID-19 from The The Jackson Lewis Coronavirus/COVID-19 Task Force


We know that timely, up-to-date information is critical in these rapidly changing times.  The Jackson Lewis Coronavirus/COVID-19 Task Force is closely monitoring the situation.  You can find all of their legal alerts by clicking on that link.  In addition, we also update the following charts daily:


  1. Closure Orders
  2. Mass Gathering Limitations
  3. Paid Family Leave Guidance
  4. Predictive Scheduling Guidance
  5. Paid Sick Leave Guidance
  6. State Disability and Workers’ Compensation Guidance
  7. Unemployment Insurance Guidance


In addition, NV OSHA is taking an aggressive stance on social distancing for construction employers and if 6 feet can’t be maintained for all work are threatening to shut down employers for failing to comply with the Governor’s Directive. You may want to make the group aware of this. Its significant but we haven’t seen any other states or fed-OSHA take this position.